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Sugar Destroys the Teeth

We all crave sugary snacks from time to time, but are they a good choice? Not only does a diet filled with sugar lead to health issues like diabetes, but it’s also damaging to the teeth. If you indulge in treats on a regular basis, you might spend more time visiting your dentist in Stafford, VA. Don’t satisfy your appetite by damaging your teeth. Let’s take a closer look at what happens.

Sugar’s Impact on the Mouth

Every mouth has bacteria inside. Some of this is healthy bacteria and the rest is destructive. The bad bacteria feed on food particles and multiply rapidly. When it finds sugar, it turns those molecules into a dangerous acid.

When this is allowed to occur, the acid begins attacking your tooth’s enamel. This further weakens the tooth by removing the calcium. Eventually, the coating collapses and exposes the softer dentin which is underneath.

With the strongest layer of the tooth out of the way, the bacteria then set its sights on the inner workings of the tooth. That’s when it focuses on chipping away at the dentin. This process happens every time you allow sugar to sit on your teeth.

Prevention is Key

To avoid these cavities, there are some tips you’ll want to follow:

  • Eat a well-balanced diet full of vegetables and fruit.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss once each day.
  • If you indulge in something sugary, make sure you drink water afterward. Then, brush the teeth 30 minutes later.
  • When you have a craving for sugar, opt for sugar-free gum instead.
  • Avoid soft drinks, sports drinks or fruit juices. Water is always the best option.
  • Attend your bi-annual cleanings with the dentist.

If you have questions regarding your dental care before your six-month checkup, don’t ever be afraid to call your dentist in Stafford, VA by reaching our office at (540) 699-2414.

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