Am I Eligible for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a fantastic way to restore your smile back to its natural beauty. The procedure is very simple and can make almost any smile look good as new! Generally, any patient who is healthy enough to go through the process of a routine surgery is generally clear to get dental implants. However, not every patient is able to get dental implants. If you are looking for dental implants near Stafford, VA, read ahead to determine if dental implants might be the right fit for you. Who is not eligible for dental implants:

1. Patients who do not practice good oral hygiene - If you have a history of not taking care of your oral health, dental implants may not be right for you. Dental implants should last a lifetime only if they are well taken care of, and they can be too costly to be a temporary restoration. Your dentist may advise you against dental implants if you have a history of poor oral hygiene.

2. Patients with damaged gums or not enough jawbone - implants need a strong foundation to support them. If a patient has diseased gums or receding jawbone, implants may not necessarily be the right choice for them. However, there are options to address these issues. Jaw augmentation surgery would help rejuvenate bone health and could restore a support system. Gum disease would have to be eradicated and you must have enough gum tissue available in order to get dental implants. Find out from your Stafford, VA dentist to determine if these procedures might be right for you.

3. If you receive radiation therapy in the head or neck area - Radiation in the head or neck area can affect the stability of the jawbone, specifically bone graft. This could jeopardize the support system for dental implants, so your dentist may advise against dental implants in this instance.

4. If you have experienced heart disease or diabetes - The survival rate of dental implants in patients with diabetes and heart disease can be quite low due to the high risk of infection and slow recovery time. This is a factor that must be determined on a case-by-case basis, so definitely consult with your Stafford dentist when considering dental implants.

5. Heavy smokers - Patients who have a history of smoking may not be good candidates for dental implants because of oral health concerns. Smokers have a higher risk for infection and slow recovery time after treatment. An alternative restoration treatment may be a better alternative for patients who smoke or have a history of smoking. Another factor that may deter patients from getting dental implants is lack of insurance coverage. 

Dental implants are generally not covered by dental insurance, but they can sometimes be covered by medical insurance depending on the insurance plan and how you came to lose your tooth. If you are considering getting dental implants near Stafford, VA, consult with your insurance company to find out if your coverage supports the procedure.

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