Understanding Your Tooth Extraction Procedure

If your smile has been affected by dental decay or infection, you may require a tooth extraction. While this procedure is serious, it's one of the most common procedures performed by Dr. Kim. A tooth extraction is a routine procedure that saves your smile from further oral infection or tooth loss. Dr. Kim will walk you through every step to better understand the specifics of your treatment. Keep reading to learn more about your tooth extraction in Stafford, VA.

A tooth extraction may become necessary if your smile meets any of the following conditions:

  • severe dental decay
  • oral infection, such as an abscess
  • facial trauma or injury
  • shifting teeth caused by crowding
  • baby teeth do not fall out
  • a tooth fracture reaches the core of the tooth
  • wisdom teeth are obstructing your other teeth

A meeting with Dr. Kim will let you know if your smile will require a tooth extraction in Stafford, VA. This procedure is often seen as a last result after other treatments have been considered, such as a root canal or dental crown. If it is deemed necessary, a tooth extraction will save you from needing more serious treatments in the future. You only get one set of adult teeth, so our team will do everything possible to protect your oral health before an extraction is recommended.

Wisdom teeth typically need to be removed when a person is in their late teens or early adult years of age. This is because the wisdom teeth may cause a variety of oral health issues if they were to stay in the mouth. Wisdom teeth push healthy teeth out of their natural position, become infected, and cause serious facial pain. Our mouths do not have enough room for the wisdom teeth to come in naturally, so it's almost always recommended that we have them removed. Anesthesia or other sedation methods are typically used because the process can be quite long and complicated. Talk to our team to learn more about sedation used for wisdom tooth extraction.

There are different types of extractions that range in complexity. A simple tooth extraction is typically performed to remove a visible tooth from your mouth. This process only requires the area to be numbed and possible nitrous oxide to help you relax for the procedure. Dr. Kim will use an instrument called an elevator to gently lift the tooth out of place and remove it with forceps. A surgical extraction would be more appropriate to remove a molar. This is where an incision is made to remove the tooth from the mouth. A surgical extraction may be performed if a tooth has become fractured or broken due to trauma. Sedation may be used for this type of extraction for the patient's safety.

To learn more about tooth extractions, call our office! Our team will walk you through your process and help you better understand the specifics of your treatment. You can reach Unique Dental Care by calling (540) 699-2414 to schedule a consultation about your Stafford tooth extraction and begin your journey towards a healthier, stronger smile.

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