How Dental Crowns Restore Your Smile

Have you experienced tooth loss or severe dental decay? Smile restoration is not only great for your smile's appearance, but also protects your oral health. If you need to restore one or several teeth, dental crowns may be the right option for you! Dr. Kim breaks down our available dental crowns in Stafford VA and what type is the best option for your smile.

Damaged teeth may not always need to be removed in order to protect your smile. Instead of jumping into a tooth extraction, we may preserve the natural tooth. You only get one set of natural teeth, so it's important to protect them from dental decay and infection. Dental crowns are used as a cap over damaged or broken teeth. They're also used as attachments for dental implants. A crown is placed over the natural tooth to add an extra layer of defense against further decay or injury. Every smile is unique, so our team will thoroughly assess your oral health to understand what type of crown would be best suited to your smile.

There are a few different types of crowns, such as metal alloy, porcelain fused to metal, and porcelain. Our office recommends porcelain crowns because they look and function just like natural teeth. Porcelain is extremely durable and stain resistant, so you'll likely never need to have the crown replaced or adjusted. Other options, like metal alloy crowns, do not look natural and may only be used to cover a molar at the back of the mouth. Porcelain crowns are versatile and used anywhere in your smile. This type of crown is used to cover a natural tooth, or as an attachment for a dental implant.

It's important to save your smile because it will protect your oral health for years to come. A tooth that has been affected by dental decay may cause further gum disease and infection. It may also cause decay in surrounding teeth and you'll be at a higher risk for oral health issues. Oral infections start small, but quickly develop into major health risks. Without treatment, a dental abscess is a life-threatening condition. If your tooth becomes infected, it needs to be removed and the surrounding teeth will need to be assessed as well. Our dental crowns in Stafford, VA avoid dental emergencies by protecting your oral health before it becomes severely impacted.

Our crowns are also a great option for anyone who suffers from weakened enamel. Some tooth sensitivity may be due to fragile enamel or enamel erosion. Many health conditions contribute to enamel erosion and it is not always possible to prevent damage to your teeth. Our crowns may be used to prevent decay from occuring in a weakened smile. Enamel protects your teeth from decay and gum disease, so a weakened enamel may put your smile at a serious risk for issues. If you suffer from enamel erosion, talk to our team about dental crowns.

To learn more about our Stafford dental crowns, call our office to set up a consultation. Our team will help you understand if crowns are the right choice for your specific needs. Reach our office by calling (540) 699-2414. We look forward to helping you protect your healthy smile, so call our team today!

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